Our I am Eva period-proof underwear have hit HQ!

Our I am Eva period-proof underwear have hit HQ!
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We are bloody delighted to let you know that our I am Eva period proof underwear (both our Skye High - High waisted and our Eva brief) have finally hit our HQ and the I am Eva team are working around the clock (again) to have every single order dispatched within the next 2 days.

We did originally anticipate that we would have all orders by the end of January.  A few things happened to delay this, one of which was us seriously underestimating the shear volume of orders we would receive.)
All orders will receive an I am Eva gift voucher as our thank you for being so patient with us as we keep on top of this amazing demand for our period proof underwear.
Keep an eye of on your emails for tracking details.
Michele + Kylie


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