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Everything you ever wanted to know about I am Eva period-proof underwear

 How much liquid do they hold?

I am Eva underwear has been rigorously tested and can hold up to two regular tampons’ worth of menstrual blood.

Can they replace all other menstrual products?

This depends on you and your flow — you know your body best. I am Eva underwear can be used instead of other menstrual products, or for those with a heavy flow you may choose to wear them as a backup to your tampon or cup. We suggest you test your own limits.

 So no odour? No dampness?

We have used the latest innovations in fabrics to prevent odour and dampness. The anti-microbial layer fights bacteria and odours, and the moisture wicking cotton quickly draws moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry.

 How do I wash them?

We recommend rinsing by hand first, then pop in a cold wash with your other clothes and line dry. DO NOT use fabric softener as it prevents the moisture wicking and anti-microbial technologies from working.  

What are they made of? Will they irritate my sensitive skin?

The layer closest to your skin is 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex. The other fabrics used are nylon and spandex. They shouldn’t irritate even sensitive skin.

Are they comfortable though?

They look and feel just like your normal underwear. We’re not kidding! In fact some would say they’re even more comfortable than your normal underwear.

Are they ethically made?

I am Eva underwear is manufactured by a company who provides ethical work conditions and takes environmental sustainability seriously. We spent a lot of time researching how and where our underwear is made. I am Eva underwear is made in Sri Lanka by a family-owned manufacturer. They pay a fair wage and provide free medical care for all employees. They have processes and practices in place to reduce their waste output, and source sustainable fabrics.

Are they eco-friendly?

Hell yes! By replacing single use pads and tampons, I am Eva underwear helps prevent millions of pads and tampons ending up in our waterways and landfill every year. 

We want to lead by example when it comes to environmental sustainability. We aim to operate a business with carbon-neutral status by mid-2019.

Can my teenager wear them?

Absolutely! Our underwear can be worn by all wahine. We have made them available in a full range of sizes.  

Can I use I am Eva period-proof underwear for things other than my period?

Of course! I am Eva underwear is also suitable for spotting and minor bladder weakness (pregnant and older women rejoice). You might even love them so much that you decide to wear them every day. You do you.

How can I smash the patriarchy?

We’re working on it. But here’s a start:

  • buy your underwear from a female-run business
  • manage your period in comfort
  • get out there and change the world.

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